Well Being Bootcamp

Join us in the Schreiner Community Room for a 6-week seminar to explore the concept of Universal Needs, originally developed by Abraham Maslow (“Maslow’s Pyramid”) and now updated by modern research. Using these concepts as a foundation, this seminar will focus on simple and practical ways of meeting these needs on a daily and lifelong basis, individually and collectively, as a path to improved well-being for oneself, one’s family, and one’s community.
Presented by Jeff Lockhart , Director, Unified Community Services.

The dates are as follows:
Wednesday, July 28
Wednesday, August 4
Wednesday, August 11
Tuesday, August 17
Wednesday, August 25
Tuesday, August 31

This series of events will last from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.
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Supporting Child Well-Being Through Strengthening Social Connections and Relationships

Symptoms of emotional distress feel and look different for every youth. Having strong, positive, and consistent sources of social connection allows youth to talk about how they feel in a safe environment. Providing youth with positive childhood experiences (PCEs) can buffer symptoms of emotional distress. In general, PCEs include supportive relationships with adults and being socially connected with their peers, family, community and culture.

Wisconsin Office of Children’s Mental Health – children.wi.gov

The Pandemic Will Affect Students’ Mental Health for Years to Come. How Schools Can Help

For the foreseeable future, educators will have to grapple with a host of additional challenges that will complicate students’ abilities to learn, such as increased anxiety, substance abuse, and hyperactivity—all symptoms of the trauma many students have lived through this past year.
Research on how children have responded to traumatic events shows that there are myriad ways kids will react—and those reactions may not always be obviously related to the pandemic.

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