Outpatient Mental Health

Our Outpatient Mental Health Program seeks to Provide mental health education, prevention, intervention, outreach, support, treatment and rehabilitation services to the residents of Grant and Iowa Counties.

Everyone experiences difficult emotions at
some point in their lives such as sadness,
anxiety, loneliness, anger, fear, or a sense of
being overwhelmed. These feelings are
normal and common, especially when
accompanied by challenges in life such as relationship struggles, loss, changing health,
decreased independence, stress, or unexpected
change. Many people, at various times in their lives, also experience difficulty managing these
challenges and emotions on their own. This
may interfere with work, relationships, health
or future goals. We can help restore
balance and a sense of well being in their lives.

Key Program components

  • Behavioral health assessment and diagnosis
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
    • including medication prescription and management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Psychotherapy
  • Marital counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Prevention education