Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

CCS is a voluntary recovery oriented mental health program that serves adults and children who are in need of ongoing services due to impairments that interfere with or limit healthy functioning. Mental health staff members review the CCS referral in order to determine if each individual is eligible for CCS and best served by the program. This review may include meeting with the referred person and his/her support network, review of past treatment records, and conducting functional screening. This program entails coordination between the consumer, his/her natural support system, a care coordinator, and various care providers. It involves a team approach to care.

Key Program Components:

  • Program begins with
    • Consumer application
    • Physician/psychiatrist prescription
    • Functional analysis
  • Consumers must
    • Be eligible for medicaid
    • Have a mental health or substance use diagnosis
    • Volunteer for treatment
  • Consumers provide input into the type of care and care providers utilized